about us studio aspire to cultivate the dynamic which emerges in between people in a creative process.
We see creation as an optimistic energy, as a forward thinking way of like.

shanghai, 2019

Yes, we love to create, we love to collaborate with passionate people, foster visionary artists and consolidate ambitious projects. It inspires us and lifts up our lives with spirits and visions.



From Global vision to detail attention we embrace a large spectrum of expertise to anticipate every step of the creative process from ideation to implementation.
We offer creative direction, brand strategy, art consulting and production services to meet any of our client challenges. Still, motion, fashion, beauty, commercial, editorial, art, small, large, here, there: we like to be daring.
Working with some of the most respected and talented people in the industry encouraged us to always raise our standards, yet personalising our services to clients requests and budgets


In association with our partner GEGM Based in Paris, New York, Geneva and now Shanghai, we bring in town high end retouching for print campaign, deliver a unique dynamic charte system to adapt campaign layouts to any kind of format, and shoot exceptional images for product shooting on a 8k robotic camera.


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